Pregnancy & Baby

Pregnancy shoots are best done around 7-8 months – we can talk about what to wear but generally I do a range of nice shaped body shots, hands, & silhouettes and usually incorporate something you have ready for your newborn’s arrival – little shoes, hat or teddy oh & your man can come too!

Newborn shoots are best done in the first few days – up to 10 days old, the younger the better – all curled up and sleepy.  Lots of close ups, cuddle shots, on your shoulders, and with their teddy.  Don’t worry about redness, rashes or milk spots – we can work all those away! Allow 2 hours for a newborn shoot (feeding and cuddles maybe needed).

As with my portrait work I edit and hand process your images, about a week after your session. My shoot includes 10 high res images shared with you online.

A pregnancy shoot alone or with your partner or siblings is $350

New born shoot is $450 for 10 images or $650 for 20 images

For further information and print prices please email me

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